Public Advisory (07 May 2016)

In response to continuous queries and feedback over traditional and social media, the MTRCB reiterates that it does not, as a matter of law and practice, preview any political advertisement for tv broadcast during the election period. The Agency furthers affirms its regular policy of respect and deference to the COMELEC, which has jurisdiction to supervise and regulate such advertisement under the Omnibus Election Code, the Fair Elections Act, and COMELEC Resolution No. 10049. Thus, under Resolution No. 10049, the COMELEC can require summary reports of tv advertisements, entertain "right to reply" claims, and even summarily act on advertisements which are against "public morals."


At the same time, advertisers and networks are to observe self-regulation in regard to content.


All the above, however, are without prejudice to any action that may be brought post-broadcast to such appropriate forum for relief or other measure for the violation of any other law or norms other than election laws, subject always to due process for all those concerned.


The MTRCB assures the public that it will always be solicitous in regard to the welfare of children, women and other usually vulnerable sectors in media and entertainment. It also has, on the other hand, a developmental mandate to promote free speech and expression. Being a creation of law however, the MTRCB must necessarily act within the framework of mandates of individual agencies and of the courts.


The MTRCB asks our viewing public to support the COMELEC for honest, orderly, and peaceful elections, and looks forward to collaborating with the latter and other relevant agencies in the days to come.




Eugenio H. Villareal